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I have created three half term workshops specifically for our younger chefs and there are am and pm sessions available. I am really looking forward to welcoming the younger ones to Ruth's Little Kitchen, while Head of Food and Nutrition at Notre Dame, in Cobham I set up special workshops for youngers children and it will be lovely to work with them again


Do have a look at the workshop pages for more info and give me a call is you want to know more.

I am also pleased to have firmed up my offering for my Cook Together/Eat together workshops. For £55 per person you can come along in a group and learn how to make tortellini with a filling of your choice, have a small starter and a pud. Bring a bottle of wine and have a fun time with some friends. 6.30pm - 9.30pm. The max for the class will be 8 and min is 4.

REAL BREAD WEEK 22- 29 February

What is it?

The annual, international celebration of Real Bread and people who make it. Its three aims are to encourage and help people to: 1) Buy Real Bread from local, independent bakeries 2) Bake their own Real Bread at home 3) Join the Real Bread Campaign

So here is my offering at Ruth’s Little Kitchen

Introduction to bread making Saturday - 22nd Feb and Monday 24th February

Come and learn the joy of making real bread in a small hands-on class with an award winning baker - Look on the workshop tab for more details..

Wednesday 26th Trinity School Leatherhead -I am really looking forward to working with 39 Y5 students and teaching them how to make mini Calzones. With a base made of Shipton Mill flour, the children love making these healthy little snacks and I hope be inspired to have a go at home with their families.

Thursday 27th February -9am -11.30am - Ever wondered the ingredients of real bread, how it is shaped and baked. Pop over to Ruth’s Little Kitchen and see where the magic happens. It is amazing what you can make in a little kitchen and perhaps I can inspire you to start baking. Please email for an appointment


Tuesday 25th and 29th February Bagels and Pretzels

Ever wondered how those supermarket bagels are so perfect - THEY are factory made! - come to the Little Kitchen HQ and learn how to make real ones with no additives and preservatives. In this class we will bake and shape, twist and turn and you will go home with increased knowledge and confidence to make these well-known breads. Look on the workshop tab for more details..