Cook Together

Set up as an immediate response to the closing of schools for nearly 11 weeks. At least 3 times a week Ruth has been welcoming people into her kitchen to share her love of baking and cooking within the community. The 'Lives' have provided a welcome in what has sometime been a very bleak times and although initially set up for children and adults to cook, for some it has provided company and a cheery start to the day. With an emphasis on using local food and supporting local small business' these classes are fun and informative and provide the perfect opportunity to learn top tips. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey I am currently working on my online courses  and if you would like to be the first to receive info about my new courses please subscribe.

Past sessions : Mayonnaire, Courgette and Tomato Tart, Drop scones, Sourdough Starter, Sourdough Step by step, Bolaniase, Chocolate cake with ganache, Frittatta, Sausage Casserole, Welsh Cakes, Lemon Curd,White loaf 

Cinnamon Apple roses, Spanish Chicken, Victoria sponge, sausage rolls, Blueberry Muffins

Macaroni Cheese, Omelette, Veggie Spring rolls, carrot and oat muffins, easy fish cakes, cookies, pizza, meringues

Vegetable Cous Cous, Soda Bread, English Scones, Quick flatbreads and bean dip, Vegetable Pasties, Cheats Chocolate brownies, Banana bread, Fluffy American pancakes, Katies Cheese Biscuits.



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