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I really hope you can join me on Monday and Thursday, Sat and Sun at 10am where I will be offering free workshops on IGTV live. Follow me on my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/ruthslittlekitchen/ and at 10am, you will see Live at the top of the page! Press that link.

The Cook Together sessions are not just suitable for children to do with parents, but anyone who can cook independently and wants to learn to cook something new or maybe just cook with someone. The recipes are simple and can be adapted easily to suit whats in your kitchen cupboard. I don't teach haute cuisine, but I do teach cookery skills and I hope that this is something that will continue the ethos of Ruth's Little Kitchen in these uncertain times. After teaching in the classroom, I was commisioned and led work with the largest exam board on skills videos. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and bring people together. 

Teach. Cook. Share. Eat

It won't be perfect, but I will improve so join me for the next however long....

I will post the ingredients online, but I encourage you to adapt them to what you have or even half the recipe!

If I am teaching and being busy I feel I am helping others and this also helps my mental health.

Mushroom and Panner Curry from @foodfeast, thank you Jamie and Bryony


Mushroom and Paneer Curry

  • 450 g paneer cheese cut into bite size pieces,

  • 450 g mushrooms sliced 

  • 1 medium aubergine- finely diced- our addition

  • 2 onions finely slice d

  • 2 cloves garlic Roughly chopped 

  • 400 g tin of tomatoes

  • 450 ml water

  • ½ ready prepared chilli/1 red chilli roughly chopped 

  • 4 whole cloves 

  • ½ cardamom powder/3 cardamon pods remove the seeds from pods and discard the pod

  • 2 star anise

  • 2 bay leaves – I did not have

  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 

  • 2 tsp cumin seeds

  • 1 tsp fennel seeds

  • 1 tsp ground coriander 

  • 1 tbsp fenugreek leaves 1 tsp ground fenugreek to replace (optional) – I did not have

  • 1 heaped tsp garam masala

  • 1 heaped tbsp. full fat yoghurt

  • freshly chopped coriander to serve


1)Toast the cumin, cardamon and fennel seeds with the star anise on a low heat in a pan until you can start to smell the aromas. 

2)Add the rest of the spices with about a tablespoon of oil and simmer for another minute. 

3)Add half the chopped onion and coat in the spices. Turn up to a medium heat and sweat the onion until it becomes soft.  Add the garlic and chilli. Cook until everything is soft and starts to colour. 

4)Mix in the tomatoes and water, bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. (if using fenugreek leaves add them in now).

5)After take out of the pan and slightly wipe clean or you can blitz into a smooth paste using a hand blender or food processor. 

6)Add another tablespoon of oil, turn to a high heat.  the remaining sliced onion, mushrooms and aubergines until soft. Add the paneer to get a little colour. 

7)Return the sauce to the pan, bring to a boil, and simmer for another 10 minutes. 

8)Stir in the yogurt and garam masala before serving.

Monday 25th May - Bank Holiday

Sourdough Clinic

Thursday 28th - Another one-pot wonder

Smoked Chilli Beans and Sweet Potatoes

500g Sweet Potatoes

2 red onions

1 tbs of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

½ bunch of coriander

1 can of mixed beans

1 can of tomatoes

Smoked paprika

1 x 150g Soured cream

1 x Block of Feta cheese

1 packet of wraps

Friday 29th - White basic loaf

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Strong white flour

Dried yeast



A small 1lb loaf tin

Saturday 30th May

Lemon Curd

3 Lemons


Caster sugar

Unsalted butter

2 jars

th May

Let's make a light lunch or a late breakfast

Fritatta -          5 eggs, 50g soft cheese, 30g cheddar, salt and pepper,oil, 20g butter and toppings eg tomatoes, spinach or cooked potatoes.

Thursday 21st May

Sausage casserole

1 onion, 1 packet of sausages, 2 x can of tomato, 1 can of beans  (cannellini ideally) , 2 cloves of garlic, 1 courgette, dried or fresh herbs eg rosemary/oregano, 1 tsp brown sugar, 300g pasta, 500g water

Wednesday 19th Q and A 

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Friday 20th at 5pm with Yours Magazine - just log on to their Facebook page or watch me via my Instagram

Welsh Cakes

110g salted butter, chilled,  plus extra for greasing

225g  self-raising flour, sieved, plus extra for dusting

85gcaster sugar

handful of sultanas/currants

1 egg, beaten

1/2 trp ground mixed spice

milk, if needed

Saturday 23rd May

Tim's Chocolate Cake- you could make this as a tray bake or even half the recipe

185g Self Raising Flour

½ tsp Baking Powder

½ Bicarb of soda

30g cocoa powder

140g caster sugar

210g Milk

210g Veg oil

3 eggs (150g)

40g golden syrup

2 – 20 cm tins

Oven on 160C


200g Dark Chocolate 70%

120g Caster Sugar

175g double cream

1g salt

25g butter

Decorations – you may want to pipe cream, or keep it plain,decorate with fruit. I am going to keep it simple with fruit.


Past sessions

Cinnamon Apple roses, Spanish Chicken, Victoria sponge, sausage rolls, Blueberry Muffins

Macaroni Cheese, Omelette, Veggie Spring rolls, carrot and oat muffins, easy fish cakes, cookies, pizza, meringues

Vegetable Cous Cous, Soda Bread, English Scones, Quick flatbreads and bean dip, Vegetable Pasties, Cheats Chocolate brownies, Banana bread, Fluffy American pancakes, Katies Cheese Biscuits.



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